TOP 3 Customer Portal Software

The functional stages of the customer portal software development process are implemented in the form of various models and methodologies.

The Popularization of Customer Portal Software

The popularization of customer portal software development methodologies is due to market requirements to reduce product release time and improve product quality. Therefore, at present, in practice, models of step-by-step software development with continuous prototyping are used. This entails the blurring of boundaries in the role division of professionals who solve specific problems of development and analysis of requirements, coding, testing, etc. However, in addition to the methodological and organizational aspects of the implementation of the programming process, as in any applied activity, an important factor in its effective implementation is the use of convenient tools.

Customer portal software has the same benefits as public clouds, but with one important twist: the enterprise is in charge of installing and maintaining the cloud. The complexity and cost of building an internal cloud can be very high, and the cost of running it can exceed the cost of using public clouds.

It should be noted that customer portal software has advantages over public clouds: finer control over the various cloud resources provides the company with whatever configuration options are available. In addition, private clouds are ideal when you need to do work that cannot be trusted to the public cloud for security reasons.

Three the Best Customer Portal Software

The process of customer portal software development is focused on the life cycle of a software product. All currently existing technologies, techniques, and standards directly or indirectly relate to or regulate the stages of the life cycle, both in terms of functionality and content.

The process of developing software systems is closely related to the field of project management because any software product is a unique result. The organization of this process directly affects the main characteristics of the implementation of a software project – deadlines, planned budget, quality of the product.

Over several decades of evolution, the best customer portal software has evolved significantly. Computing power, which only a few scientific institutions could afford ten to fifteen years ago and the maintenance of which required a whole staff of specialists, is now available to almost every engineer. However, these capacities require appropriate software. And it is in this area that, despite the fact that hardware resources have become much more available, significant problems are observed. We would like to highlight three of the best customer portal software:

  1. Clinked.
  2. LiveAgent.
  3. Onehub.

The main characteristics that combine those three customer portal software are:

  • Volume, large size of data, affecting the choice of means of their processing;
  • Variety, lack of a common structure for the data, the presence of various types of data from many sources; unstructured (natural text) or semi-structured (XML, JSON) data.
  • Velocity, high rates of data accumulation, and requirements for the speed of their processing.

In customer portal software, such tools are programming languages and development environments, as well as related methods, techniques, and tools for automating this process. However, the development of such a toolkit is due not only to the current needs of the business but also to the prospects for qualitative changes in the IT industry. Thus, along with an analytical review of the current level of automation of software development processes, this work poses the task of predicting possible trends in the development of the IT sector, taking into account the identified trends.